One amazing thing



Tell me more about how One Amazing Thing works.

If you sign up now, your membership will begin on July 1st, 2017, and will last for either 3, 6 or 12 months based on the package you picked. You’ll receive an email with your first deal at 12 am on Monday, July, 3rd, which will last until Wednesday at 12 am, when the next deal kicks in. For instance, you might get 15% off Kama on Monday, which is valid for 48 hours; following which you’ll receive an Anavila incentive on Wednesday, and a Magazine Street Kitchen deal on Friday.

Depending on the partner, these deals can be redeemed online and / or in stores, with the help of a code we will send you via email or using your digital card on Passbook. The deal email will outline usage and conditions clearly.


What is the One Amazing Thing Wallet /Pass2U Wallet?

Wallet is a free app available on the iPhone (and on Android as Pass2U Wallet). We will send you a digital One Amazing Thing card by email, which you can download and use via Wallet at all our partner outlets. Photo ID will be required while redeeming the discount.


How easy is it for me to recover my membership fee?

You will receive between 11-13 deals every month, any one of which could allow you to recover your monthly fee (and way beyond). For instance, 20% off a Raw Mango sari that costs Rs 25,000 means you save Rs 5,000 – that’s almost a whole year’s fee!


How often will the partners change?

We’ll showcase a new set of partners every month – however, our most popular partners will be making several repeat appearances.


Will I get a schedule of the deals in advance?

Yes, the schedule will be up on the website every month – July coming soon, but you can see our partner line-up here.


How many times can I use each deal?

You can use each deal once.


Will I find similar deals elsewhere?

No. We work with our brands to make sure that these deals are exclusive to One Amazing Thing subscribers.


Can I buy a One Amazing Thing subscription at any time during the year?

Yes you can - but you need to subscribe for a minimum of three months.


I still have questions. Who can I call?

Call us on 7738934999 or email and we’ll be happy to help.